Global Minerals Service

Welcome to Fankale Limited

Fankale Limited is a global United Kingdom oil & gas, mining and minerals consultancy services firm providing cutting edge sales solutions to potential buyers companies and individuals in mining, minerals and oil and gas industries. It is UK fastest growing mining consultancy firm, specialising in providing sale and purchase solutions to actual mine working site. Fankale Limited understands that its own sustainability is closely linked to that of the communities and the environment with whom and in which it operates. We had built many years of trusted relations with my company have owners of mines gained growth through our company and have seen some high net worth investors to buy crude oil, rough diamonds, gold dust and bars. We are always open to potentials buyers to facilitate their desire of reliable source of purchase.

The Company has an experienced and focused board and management team with a track record of strong organic growth through exploration success. 

Focused on under-explored gold belts in West Africa, we achieved our goal to become a gold producer in over decades and started commercial production.